Glenview Mansion Bridal Show



What a fun event…it was a small bridal show with about 75 brides in attendance.  You really got a chance to talk to them, the grooms, and family members.  Here are some shots of my table.  Thank you to all the fabulous vendors I worked with to make this happen….florals are by Flowers by Angels, photo props by Say Cheese Photo Props, the lollipop bouquet by The Sweetest Affair, the necklace by LCVintage and the wedding gown sash by Sareh Nouri Bridal, and linens by Select Event Rentals.  A BIG shout out to Libby Lane Press and Minuteman Press DC  (you rock, Mark!) for helping me get my flyers, tags, and splash cards in time for the show.  I can’t say again how lucky I am to work with such fab vendors!

Quinceanera Desserts

Here are the pics of the dessert table:

Cakes and Cupcakes by Cake Dreams:

Quinceanera Adventure

Last month I styled a Quinceanera that surely tested my decision to be an event designer. I can now say that it was definitely a defining moment in my Madly Stylish Events career. Called in about one month before this Quinceanera took place, I had to turn a clubhouse space into a hip lounge for a crowd of 15 and 16 year olds. Well, of course, I was up to the challenge! Working with my floral designer, Angelita, we created a lounge draped in white organza curtains that lead to the “club”. The “club” curtains were held back with a gorgeous arrangement of an assortment of lilac and purple roses and overhead hung over 100 poms in various sizes and shades of purple. As you entered the “club” the milkshake bar was to your left with some uplighting, it was a pretty sweet bar :) ! The cake table had a backdrop of hanging crystals layered on top of a mirror.

I arrived just as the dance floor was done and the DJ was not far behind. I started working on the candy bar, a decadent assortment of the birthday girl’s favorite candy in purple and pink, of course. As I start to unload the candy Angelita says we have a problem…some confusion over the rental space and date over the event. Then the cell phones start ringing incessantly and on the way back from my last trip of unloading the candy; I see the birthday girl in tears and her mom not far from tears herself and her dad not knowing what to do. Long story short, there were two contracts with two different dates and with a language issue to boot, the end result was that the family did not have the space. With 2 hours left to go before the party, we were told we had to break everything down and vacate the space…..yes, you read right….break down and leave!

To say things got messy here is an understatement. For about 10 minutes we were in a fog, although it seemed much longer! Mother and daughter are crying hysterically, I’m trying to figure out what the game plan should be and my team is looking at me with a now what on their faces! The photographer has arrived, the cake is being delivered and I realize we have got to figure something out. I step outside for some air and start processing it all and thinking of all my friends in the biz who can help me out here. I go back in and literally begin triage…..once mother and daughter are settled, we agree that we want to make the party happen and make it happen that same night. I send the daughter home, the mother takes the cakes and cupcakes to the fridge, the stylish crew begins the take down, and Angelita and I start making phone calls. To this day I am still amazed at how quickly we were able to work to salvage this party. For the next two hours we worked on auto-pilot. We found a new venue sight unseen, negotiated a price, took down and reloaded all our decor and props, posted a sign on the old venue doors saying the party had moved and included the location, new party time, and address. I got a hold of 4 of the birthday girls friends and had them start a texting tree, and one other posted the change of venue on Facebook. I then race off to the new venue leading a caravan of vendors and praying that this is going to turn out fine.

In the end, we pulled it off. It wasn’t the lounge I had envisioned and created, it wasn’t the dessert table I envisioned, it wasn’t the club entrance that we wanted. Our poms and flowers were a little traumatized! But it wasn’t about me and my decor……it was about a 15 year old birthday girl who had envisioned a day celebrating her Quinceanera with family and friends. So we changed our designs and let go of what we thought we had to have. In the end I think we did ok, but most importantly, Ana got the party she wanted! So here are the pics from that fateful day that sealed my fate and made me realized…..I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Special thanks to the vendors who rolled with us that day:
Madly Stylish Events
Flowers by Angels -floral design
Borrowed Blue Photography
Anders Ruff Custom Designs-favor tags, straw flags, and candy bar tags
Goldren Bull -venue
Cake Dreams -cake and cupcakes

Come back for Part II: The Dessert Table tomorrow!

Oh So Stylish: Seaside Estate Bridal Shower

There are bridal showers and then there are BRIDAL SHOWERS!  This amazing shower took place at a private estate in Malibu and was featured on inspired by this.  I tell you….I drooled and gazed at these pictures over and over.  Shot by THE Elizabeth Messina, love her, and florals by JL Designs, this bridal shower will leave you speechless.  Take a look!

j’adore!!!….this scent bar by Ka-Mil-Yin

A Fairy Tale Engagement Journey!

I am beyond giddy to bring you this post!  I think I was squealing like a three year old or my mouth was wide open the whole time I was reading this  on Style Me Pretty.  It’s the stuff dreams, fairy tales and ultimate romances are made of.  For those of you thinking of popping the question or want to give hints as how to do it, or just a hopeless romantic (like me), this story is for you.  Seriously, this guy planned every single romantic detail  of his journey proposal to his girlfriend.  The proposal suite was created by California stationary vendor, Wiley Valentine and coordinated by Zinke Design.

Here’s the full, letterpressed proposal suite:

Let me tell you that I did not write the story below and even if I wanted to summarize it, I couldn’t do it justice  I think after you read it you’ll agree.  Here are the lovely details as told by the bride-to-be and each gorgeous letterpressed card.

It was still dark out, I was in a dead sleep, and I woke up to Tido barking uncontrollably.  I looked out my bedroom window and saw a white Range Rover parked in my driveway.  First thought – “Did I win some sweepstakes I had forgotten about?”  A few seconds later the doorbell rings.  I peep out the door and see two girls that I recognize, Christina Clayton (event planner and one of my precious TU Thetas a few years back) and Arin Zinke (owner of Zinke Design).  Still confused, I open the door and Christina hands me my usual starbucks order: a pumpkin spice latte and a coffee cake.  It’s at this point I decide to let them in.  Arin hands me a gorgeous tri-fold invitation in pink and gray (my two favorite colors) with a pink bow on it.  I open it and read the following: “Laina D. Riffe you are cordially invited on a journey of a lifetime.  You have 1 hour to pack your bags. Suggested items:  2 dressy, 2 casual, etc. Temperature: high 70s, low 50′s.”  It also tells me that arrangements have been made to take care of Tido which eases a little bit of my anxiety.

With yesterday’s mascara still under my eyes and in a state of complete shock, I say bye to Arin and Christina and run back to my closet to frantically start packing.  I’m pretty sure I stand there frozen for about 30 minutes because I end up just throwing a bunch of stuff in my carry-on suitcase at the last minute.  I am finally ready and packed and I am telling Tido bye when my doorbell rings at 7am sharp. This one I am expecting, as it is my ride.  I load up and settle in the car when the driver hands me a smaller version of the original pink and gray package.  I open this one and it says “Your journey begins at Tulsa International Airport.”  It also has a record locator printed on a page (the key to where I am going) but I decide not to look it up until I get to the airport.

With yesterday’s mascara still under my eyes and in a state of complete shock, I say bye to Arin and Christina and run back to my closet to frantically start packing.  I’m pretty sure I stand there frozen for about 30 minutes because I end up just throwing a bunch of stuff in my carry-on suitcase at the last minute.  I am finally ready and packed and I am telling Tido bye when my doorbell rings at 7am sharp. This one I am expecting, as it is my ride.  I load up and settle in the car when the driver hands me a smaller version of the original pink and gray package.  I open this one and it says “Your journey begins at Tulsa International Airport.”  It also has a record locator printed on a page (the key to where I am going) but I decide not to look it up until I get to the airport.

I arrive at the airport and find out I am going to Washington DC – yea my favorite place!!  Its at this point that I realize that I forgot to pack any underwear – oh well I did my best in the time allowed.  I have flown a trillion flights this year (thank you long-distance relationship) but I’ve never felt more anxious on a flight in my entire life. The 45 minute trip to Dallas felt like 4 hours and the flight to DC felt like a lifetime.  I’m also pretty sure the flight attendant was judging me when I ordered the double bloody mary at 9am on a Thursday, but what’s a girl gonna do.  I finally arrive at DCA at 3pm EST.

I get to baggage claim and I see Tom’s friend Mike waiting for me with another gray and pink box.  Mike hands me the box and I open it to read “You have completed the first step of your journey.  If you wish to continue, please take this key and your driver will take you to the next destination.”

So we get in the car and he makes me put a blindfold on.  We drive for about 20 minutes and when we finally arrive at our destination, Tom opens my door and leads me (still blindfolded) up a few steps and through a door.  He tells me I can take my blindfold off and he is not only on one knee with the most beautiful ring, but he is also standing in the house of our dreams that he had put an offer on a few weeks back, but told me we didn’t get it!!!  After this, I have no idea what he said but it was wonderful!!!!   My new fiance then says “welcome home,” hands me a glass of champagne and, just as I have settled down and think I can relax, he hands me a small envelope.

Thinking its just a little personal card from him, I open it and I read “It’s now time to celebrate!  Grab your bag and your fiance and head to one of the romantic cities in the world…ROME!!!!!!!” Eek!!!!!!   Needless to say, I was freaking out!!   We had the most fabulous time in Rome and every single detail of our proposal was absolutely perfect.  I have dreamed of this day ever since I was a little girl and Tom definitely exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed of!!   I couldn’t be more excited to spend my life with this man.

Can you believe this?  I  know, LOL….my friend wants to know if this guy has brothers?  Well, can’t answer that question but head over to Style Me Pretty because there are lots more pics!  

Sigh, love can make you do some incredible things?  What’s the most romantic you’ve done or your significant other as done for you?  I’d love to hear if anyone has a story that can top this!

A little pink and green…….

Thinking summer again, what fun colors for a baby shower, wedding or birthday party!  You can get more details over at Style Me Pretty.  I’m loving the little pink rose cake and the bubble necklace.

Happy Friday!

Stylish Parties: Hello Kitty Inspired Birthday!

This post is long overdo!

I am finally getting around to posting my daughter’s birthday party.  Because I am styling a gala that takes place this Saturday, my girl’s party took a back seat. I had three weeks to pull something together.  The fabulous ladies at Anders Ruff came to the rescue though, with some beautiful party printables inspired by the Hello Kitty t-shirt I got for my daughter from Modern Frills!

I dressed up the invites with the polka dot ribbon and Hello Kitty pics from  Courtney over at Blue Snail Stationary…

And when I found this piece of fabric at WalMart for $7, things quickly came together!  It was the perfect table runner.

I planned a simple party around her love of Hello Kitty and donuts.  We had 8 girls from her preschool class join us to color and decorate their own donuts.   They had pink, purple, and yellow glaze and different color sprinkles to put on their donuts.  I also made strawberry milk and orange creamsicle milk to go with the donuts.

I found these little bags at Michaels months ago on clearance for 50 cents each.  I used pink and purple glitter glue to write each girl’s initial and glued these cute flowers to the bag, also from Michael’s.  The favor bags were filled with Hello Kitty erasers, Hello Kitty Cake Pop, and a Hello Kitty ponytail holder made by For My Girls.  I hung them with ribbon on the back of the chairs so each little girl could easily find her seat.

The girls got to color and use stickers on their Hello Kitty coloring pages……

 and decorate their donuts…

those cute cookies under the domes are from Bee’s Knees Creative!  On the right hand side of the table 

The super cute cookies in the domes are from Bee’s Knees Creative and I made the little favor bags using a clear bag, doilies and pink ribbon. Super easy! I so wish I had a close-up pic to show how cute they turned out.  The tags read…

the moms had their own beignets to munch on…..
one happy birthday girl….i love how you can see where she swiped a taste of the frosting!

That was one delicious cake!!  Thanks, Tiffany;)!  It was such a sweet and simple party.

The stylish vendors who helped make this party as awesome as it was:

Hello Kitty t-shirt:   Modern Frills

Paper Products:  Anders Ruff Custom Design

Cake: Tiffany Boerner Cakes

Hello Kitty Cake Pops: Cake Pop Bake Shop

Kello Kitty Cookie Collection: Bee’s Knees Creative

Hello Kitty Ponytail Holders:  For My Girls

Inspiration: Spring Wedding, Bridal Shower or Baby Shower

Yesterday, I posted this lovely cake on my FB page and told you how I was swooning over it.

Today, I bring you the wedding where it made it’s mark and was highlighted on Style Me Pretty!  This wedding is full of whimsical details that can be incorporated into a bridal shower or baby shower yet it is also quite elegant and chic.  I love the pink and aqua tones, the lemonade stand, the lamp, and books.  All personal items representing the bride and groom.

The table design is equally breathtaking…..

Here are a few more details but head over to Style Me Pretty has there tons more to ogle over!

Happy Friday!

Can’t a girl dream?!  Have a great weekend!

Simply Elegant: A Baby Shower

Any baby shower that starts out with these super-chic and elegant invites would have to be…..
So of course, it came as no surprise when I saw the end result!

Yesterday, I quickly posted to my Facebook page an amazing baby shower that was designed and styled by my childhood friend Claude of Petite-Fete.  I had to do it justice, and give it a little more coverage.  Every detail of this baby shower is just superb!  Look at these pics and then head over to her site to see more!!

The shower was held at the simple but elegant  iCi Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.  The whole baby shower is a reflection of understated elegance.   More is not always better and these pics are proof of that.

just looking at these make me hungry!
love the photo booth!
the proud parents-to-be…..

All the paper, invitations, and event styling was done by Petite-Fete.  The photographs are all courtesy of   beIMAGED who captured the event.  Love their style of photography.

Oh and these caught my eyes too! HOT!

any photographer who caught these, has got a good eye!